RetrofitSuccessful backfitting and retrofitting actions

In today’s world of Just-in-Time Production Supply Chain Integrity is an important factor

In the automotive industry, technical complexity, and the speed of development are increasing due to faster model changes and rapid technological developments. This also puts the pressure on suppliers to improve time and cost since contracting chains are starting increasingly later. As a result the number of recall and retrofitting campaigns in factories and ports has increased. 

We have specialized in retrofitting campaigns in both Europe and the United States. Often, individual parts of a car are found to be faulty or don’t work, during or after a vehicle’s production. It is our task to enable OEMs to deliver vehicles quickly in order to avoid delays, and to prevent the waiting time of retail clients. 

The Goal: Fast and Error-free Delivery of your Vehicles

Some major challenges include:

  • Assembling specialized employees, parts and tools in multiple places within very short periods of time. 
  • Determining how many vehicles are affected and how elaborate the retrofitting effort is going to be. 
  • Accurately calculating these factors in advance along with the actual duration of the campaign. 

EuroQ is the only quality service provider that uses innovative scanner tools for data collection, e.g. the acquisition of vehicle identification and part numbers. Providing priority or positive/negative lists in advance allows us to compare with the data on location automatically and directly through our management and planning system. We are quickly and flawlessly able to ascertain the required effort, prioritize vehicles, and request additional staff, if needed. Manual list matching and list feedback to your project managers is a thing of the past.


Scanner tools are particularly beneficial during retrofitting campaigns:

  • Your priority and positive/negative lists can be integrated directly into our tools 
  • Extremely fast data synchronization of the affected vehicles and components
  • Targeted real-time online evaluation for you and us through our online portal
  • Data preparation and convenient data output in many formats at the touch of a button
  • Cost overview 
  • Identical and simultaneous reporting, even during international or multi-location campaigns  


Best practice: Use scanner tools to make retrofit actions a success

One of our previous retrofit projects had 4,500 vehicles, already waiting for shipment in stocks/ports of four different countries, requiring the replacement of parts. These vehicles were scattered over large parking-lots holding up to 5,000 cars each. More about this successful retrofit action.