Retrofit - Action ManagementFrom fault and error diagnostics to initial operation

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Fast and professional support in retrofitting 

Retrofit has been part of EuroQ's core business since 2008. We have carried out a wide variety of projects in Europe and the USA for our customers over the years.  

Relevant for you: The EuroQ retrofit/action management teams have mastered mechanical rework and at the same time electronic troubleshooting with all associated services. Our teams are led by experienced project managers: They work with you reliably and at eye level to develop solution proposals for your individual challenge in electrics, mechanics, interior, exterior or software and are your contact throughout the entire project.
Due to our long experience, we know exactly what is important in retrofitting. International launch support, concerted actions at several locations or actions on only a few vehicles on large footprints, feel free to ask us for references from the past years.

More than 100,000 hours for 12 different brands

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Retrofit also for high voltage vehicles 

Since the beginning of 2019, we have expanded our retrofit portfolio to include e-vehicles and hybrids and have trained our automotive specialists in the various HV 1-3 requirements.

The challenges for software updates, whether on classic combustion engines or HV vehicles, are also changing rapidly. That is why most of our employees are now qualified for flashing with different systems. In addition to software skills, EuroQ also has its own ODIS and XENTRY hardware.

We are pleased that our customers entrusted us with a wide variety of flash projects in 2020. In total, more than 45.000 flash-processes on control units and infotainment devices were performed by our teams at various locations in 2020 alone. Here you can find more information about our flash actions.

We stand for continuity, good communication, short paths, quick solutions.

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