Material TestingNon-Destructive and Destructive Tests (spot weld testing)

Non-Destructive Tests

Shows cracks in ferromagnetic materials

Our competent Magnetic Particle Testers (MT-1/MT-2) will test ferromagnetic parts for fissures or other faults at the time of goods received as well as during manufacturing.

These testers check the individual components, prepare the related documentation, develop plans, and create testing specifications.

You will find that the “short-term” availability of our specialists is very beneficial in avoiding costly process delays. 

1. VT Test: Visual Testing
Direct visual testing: Parts are tested with or without testing aids such as magnifying glasses, endoscopes or mirrors.

2. PT Test: Penetration Testing
Capillary forces of surface cracks and pores are used to make them visible. 

- Dye penetrant testing
- Fluorescent penetration testing

3. MT Test: Magnetic Particle Testing (Fluxing)
Detects cracks in ferromagnetic materials, in or near the surface. 

Destructive Material Testing (spot weld testing)

Next to non-destructive tests we also offer classic destructive testing (spot weld testing) outside of the production process. Along with ultrasound testing, this method is often used for double-checking, even if the car body is no longer usable after testing. 

Our experts test the solidity of welding spots on body shells, both on complete bodies as well as individual parts such as front ends, rear ends, etc. For this purpose the welding spots are individually cut out in a specific sequence, then pulled off and measured. 

The tests that are performed are based on criteria set by you including minimum diameter, resilience, etc. Factors to consider when determining the results are sheet thickness, the type of bonding (2 or 4 sheets), and the type of spot (nodal or special).

Exact measurement of weld spot

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