Incoming/Outgoing Goods Inspection

Incoming/Outgoing Goods Inspection

Use our independent logistics processes in order to ensure a flexible and timely delivery to your customers. Avoid being tied up to an area and rely on trouble-free processes.

Any faulty subsequent deliveries may be directly rerouted to one of EuroQ’s logistics areas for sorting/rework. Our highest priority is always supplying the production process by timely delivery of the OK parts.

Your benefits: Trouble-free processes and immediate data availability!

Practical case: Product filter (Warenfilter) for VW in Emden

Smooth production processes and continuous supply to assembly lines – since summer 2013, at the EuroQ production hall in Emden, VW’s own parts are measured, tested, sorted and reworked in the same way as parts supplied by external suppliers. It is all done with the goal of minimizing costs for the OEM and its suppliers. A connection to VW’s Logis logistics system is a prerequisite for this process. In addition, EuroQ uses its own online management system, ensuring quick communication between VW,  EuroQ and the suppliers. 

This is how the highly efficient VW product filter (Warenfilter) works:

Please contact us for more information on the product filter (Warenfilter).

EuroQ Services for Incoming/Outgoing Goods in detail:

- Firewall

  • Q-Help
  • CSL1 as well as CSL2
  • Q-Gate
  • Goods filter

- Conducting of complex tests with simultaneous data recording:

  • Tests conducted with multiple defect characteristics
  • Data recording via scanner tools
  • Recording of measurement results
  • Export of data in Excel or CSV format
  • Control of test times

- Goods Receipt, temporary storage
- Documentation, packaging, delivery
- Launched and discontinued parts control