Flash ActionsSave time and costs through our cooperation with Movimento

Simultaneous flashing saves cost and money

Our partner, Movimento Group, is an acknowledged world market leader for control and diagnostic products and services. Movimento has a unique hardware and software tool called Puma™, which enables software flashing and logging for the most varied versions.

Conventional flash actions using laptops or other workshop equipment have so far only allowed flashing one vehicle at a time. Flash actions with Movimento Puma™ with Wi-Fi control, enables the processing of up to 10, 20, or more vehicles at one time.

In combination with the electronic EuroQ scanner tool, you as the customer can expect up to 90% in time saving and excellent documentations in flash actions.

Benefits for you:

  • 100% overview of software versions in real time for all vehicles
  • Up to 90% time saving and substantial cost reduction
  • Ideal also for pre-production models with varying software versions

See how flashing works with Puma and the Altero-method

If you would like more information or a quote please call us on our hotline +49 4921 91668-0 or send us a brief message using our contact form.


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