Body in WhiteQuality rework on issues of bodies in white

Individual steel and aluminum body component issues are common in the body in white area. Early detection and repair is extremely important to ensure your process is implemented, reliable, and effective.

EuroQ’s Body-In-White experts guarantee you a unique standard of quality at both stamping plants and OEM plants. They are highly qualified and meet the requirements of body construction using their expert knowledge. We also adapt our qualification matrix to customer requirements.

Our specialist staff is qualified to repair pits, bumps, cracks, constrictions and dents in both steel and aluminum. We also specialized in visual inspection of surfaces after stamping.

We assist you with a wide range of components:

EuroQ unterstützt Ihren Rohbau von Motorhaube, über Kotflügel, Dach, Türen bis hin zur Heckklappe.

With us you can achieve not only cost savings

  • Early detection and rework lead to significant cost savings
  • Our flexibility adapts to your production processes
  • Your quality standards are met by our highly qualified staff
  • Experienced experts are essential for customized repair

Are you interested in our steel and aluminum expertise?

If you would like more information or a quote please call us on our hotline +49 4921 91668-0 or send us a brief message using our contact form.


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