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US Governor of Kentucky Steve Beshear in discussion with EuroQ Managing Director Christof Zuber

On the 15th Car Symposium which took place in Bochum (Germany) in early February 2015, Steve Beshear, US Governor of Kentucky, discussed the possibilities to expand US operations from EuroQ towards Kentucky.

"Kentucky is a very attractive location for the automotive industry and their suppliers," said Steve Beshear. He also stated impressive figures: more than 460 suppliers and four large OEM manufacturing plants already produce in Kentucky and employ more than 85,000 permanent employees. Nearly 1.3 million new vehicles left the bands in 2014. According to Beshear, especially for a quality service provider with its need for highly qualified staff, Kentucky is a good choice to expand US operations.

The German company operates in the US with its US-subsidiary EuroQ Inc. in Tuscaloosa, Greenville and Chattanooga, south of Kentucky, having already several hundred employees.

Currently, the main focus is on rework – projects, however, EuroQ also offers many other services tailored to the needs of the automotive industry.

“Our US business is developing very well”, said Christof Zuber. However, he did not want to comment on further expansion plans in direction Kentucky right now.