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Tips for a successful project management environment

According to a survey of GPM (German Society for Project Management) only 30% of the companies reach their project goals within the given time and budget constraints. This result is alarming, especially in view of the fact that today companies use a variety of tools for quality planning. So what´s going wrong there?

Advanced quality planning should actually be a sophisticated steering instrument for costs and processes, and it is the automotive industry in particular that uses various models, methodologies and procedures in project management. And yet, the costs involved in claims and recalls are continuously rising.

The underlying causes are complex and are partially due to market dynamics, as automotive companies in the entire supply chain are increasingly faced with new challenges: More and more high-quality products have to be brought to the market in record time and at low cost. 

OEMs facing shorter time-to-market cycles, the increased complexity of globalized supply chains, significantly more design changes during the project phase, as well as the rapid development of networked mobility/car IT are just some of the factors impeding good project management.

The financial consequences of project failures resulting from inferior quality, delays, or cost miscalculations are also enormous, even if there are no recalls. In view of the modular designs manufactured by OEMs and the resulting multiple use of parts, any additional costs incurred multiply accordingly.

In his presentation at the Car Symposium in Bochum, Ralf Vieren, Quality Engineering Manager at EuroQ GmbH, illustrated classic “blunders” and gave numerous practical tips for a successful project management environment.

Anyone interested in Ralf Vieren’s practical solutions is welcome to contact him. Vieren heads EuroQ’s Quality Engineering division, which was established in 2014 and complements the company’s extensive operational service portfolio.

EuroQ’s customers benefit from one-stop holistic support: The high methodological and professional competencies of EuroQ’s engineers enhance the operational implementation of the quality assurance measures required.

„We must realize that we as human beings, as well as organizational inadequacies often leverage our well-meant methodologies, thereby reducing them to subsequent quality reporting, instead of using them as a steering instrument."

Ralf Vieren


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