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Message of the EuroQ management to the customers

Dear customers,We took Corona very seriously from the very beginning and prepared ourselves intensively for these difficult times even before the automotive industry closed down. This enabled us to continue to support ongoing projects of our customers.

In the coming weeks, the OEMs will ramp up their production again. The suppliers will follow. We are still there for you with our qualified specialists and are available for all projects as a well-known reliable service provider.

Digitalization helps us immensely now

You know us as a company that constantly uses new and innovative technology modules in its daily QA projects. This intensive digitalization demand of the last years helps us immensely. Some of our administration teams have been working in their home offices for weeks without any problems. EuroQ has experienced support and a solid and modern IT landscape. As a result, even before Corona, a large part of our more than 1,000 employees worldwide were connected to our systems from any location and were able to continue working without any changeover.

We attach great importance to hygiene and safety of our staff

As part of our Corona Taskforce, we have further intensified contact with all administrative and local managers in order to be able to respond to daily changes and requirements directly and simultaneously at all locations.

Our top priority is the health of our employees. These people are the most important pillar of our company and we are doing everything possible to ensure that they get through this pandemic as safely as possible.

All employees are already equipped with appropriate face masks and other protective equipment, including in administration. Naturally, all workplaces are subject to prescribed regulations such as safety distance, disinfection, hand hygiene and cleaning. Intensive health training and recurrent sensitization are also part of this protection program.

On site, our local managers implement these regulations in the best possible way and are also very flexible with regard to the requirements of our customers. And, let's not forget, at EuroQ people are a big team with a lot of cohesion and also look after each other in a positive sense.

We are there for you, during and after the crisis

We are proud that you, our customers, continue to place your trust in us. No one knows exactly how the pandemic will develop and what impact it will have on the automotive industry. But rest assured that we will mobilize all our forces to continue to stand reliably by your side. As a competent quality assurance partner, with our qualified specialists, at your or our locations.

Stay healthy!

The EuroQ management

Marcus Scholz and Christof Zuber