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Is the software of my car up-to-date?

When delivering their new car, customers expect faultless vehicles, including the latest software version of control units and infotainment systems. After all, infotainment systems and their connectivity with the Internet and a wide variety of cell phone systems and cell phone models are becoming increasingly important to customers.

EuroQ retrofit teams ensure up-to-date software status

During a new vehicle startup, software versions are often updated several times. Vehicles already produced are then "flashed" again before delivery (the latest software version is installed), a service that we are increasingly providing for our customers. We have invested in the appropriate equipment (OEM software and hardware, such as ODIS, Xentry, etc.) and have had our employees trained and certified accordingly.  

HV (High Voltage) certifications for rework on hybrid and electric vehicles

In addition to the flash actions, we carry out various other retrofit actions before the new vehicles are delivered to the dealers. What sounds simple is often associated with a lot of effort and, above all, time pressure for the manufacturers, because the vehicles should be delivered as quickly as possible. This is where we support our customers in the best possible way by starting up the project management as well as the implementation in an uncomplicated and fast way with experienced manpower.
In order to guarantee this for the new powertrain technologies as well, we have special retrofit teams at several locations, motor vehicle specialists who also have the required HV qualifications. For electric and hybrid vehicles, our services include fault diagnosis and activation of the HV vehicles, execution of the required retrofit action and the initial operation.

Our teams currently support our customers on different factory sites, at the ports and in the field, even across national borders.

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