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In 2018, EuroQ is 10 years old and takes positive stock

For 10 years, EuroQ has been operating in the automotive market. Over the course of a decade, a small company with twelve employees in Emden and Bremen has become an innovative, modern quality service provider with more than over 1,000 employees worldwide.

The path of a company is usually not always straightforward - similar to a road with its curves and branches. However, the two owners and managing directors Christof Zuber and Marcus Scholz have shown how to develop and build a successful company in the highly competitive market of the automotive industry with a firm goal.  Today, 10 years after its founding, EuroQ is a modern quality service provider with more than 1000 employees worldwide.

Digital transparency for processes and products

"Right from the start, we wanted to become the industry's most transparent quality assurance company, by providing customers with real-time test results, even before digitization was a buzzword in the industry. In 2008, our VPS was the first data-driven quality assurance information system that customers can access and see and download the results of their jobs in real time," said Marcus Scholz, one of the two directors.

EuroQ has continued to pursue this digital approach constantly. From the very beginning their scanners have been not just documenting, but also generating data, based on part numbers of all kinds. With the scanners, manual lists quickly disappeared and the data was available in the VPS directly after the vehicle or component had been processed. This is a huge advantage, especially for retrofit actions outside the plant. Today, EuroQ works with state-of-the-art HMI technology and uses large touch systems for many projects, in which the exact fault patterns per component are documented, and,, if desired, also immediately sent to the production of the customers to get redirected. Additionally, new devices such as the Microsoft HoloLens are already being tested in real projects.

The beginning: control and rework in Emden and Bremen

EuroQ was founded in 2008 in Emden. "We have conquered the world from there," a smiling Christof Zuber, founder and managing director reflects. "We started with 12 employees in Emden and Bremen with control and rework. In order to be closer to our customers, we then very quickly expanded our branch network in Germany. "In 2010, the American subsidiary EuroQ Inc. was founded, which today operates with more than 400 qualified specialists in the OEM plants. In 2012, we launched the Hungarian EuroQ Kft. to support the customer Daimler in his new production plant in Késkemet (Hungary).

EuroQ’s service offerings advanced at an equally rapid pace. Offers such as product filters, retrofit, material testing and surface finishing were added to the sorting and rework operations that were initially offered. "We are expanding the portfolio according to the needs of our customers," says Scholz. "We are currently expanding our quality engineering in order to meet the growing customer demands in the development as well as the support of new products in the quality area".

What sounds like a "dream trip" over the last 10 years has not always been easy. Shortly after EuroQ’s founding, the car industry slipped into a crisis and the two managers had to skillfully maneuver through this time, to survive as a young company. "Fast growth is not always easy. The quality assurance division thrives on the qualified and committed employees, and like all companies, we work hard to attract the top talent; those who are passionate about their work and can think outside the box. "The growing personnel needs have also called for the construction of new company buildings. EuroQ quickly outgrew their headquarters, which was built in 2011, an additional building was added in 2015.

The future of quality assurance?

With the combination of leading technology and talented employees, the future looks bight for EuroQ. Every new tool that EuroQ has introduced has also led to an increase in the number of employees. As a modern, technology-driven service provider, they constantly work to inspire customers with new tools and technologies in the future. At EuroQ, the focus is on networking with the customer’s IT systems in order to enable test results to quickly flow back into the production process.

"We also see great potential in the field of robotics in conjunction with sensors, but the use of augmented reality will be interesting. In the future, it will also be about providing customers with even more data for the resulting process improvements. There are many exciting areas where we hope to soon provide our customers with brandnew offers ", said Zuber.

The company has good employment prospects. While jobs are being cut in many companies, EuroQ is continuing to grow. If you would like to work in this successful team, you can find the latest job postings on here on our EuroQ website.