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„First the pants, then the shoes”

With this German proverb, EuroQ colleague Carsten Deil started his speech at the Car Symposium 2019 in Bochum. It symbolizes the logical approach on the way to Industry 4.0.

In addition to material and cash flows, each company has numerous flows of information with vast amounts of data from a variety of sources. These data must be consistently managed in preparation for Process 4.0. Its implementation needs a breakup and cleanup of evolved information structures in order to ensure the necessary data quality and availability. 4.0 is not only a technical issue, as human and machine will continue to interact in the future.

EuroQ is constantly and systematically searching for possibilities to accelerate data collection and processing within the execution of control and rework projects, to enhance efficiency and to avoid media disruption. One practical example for the use of augmented reality was presented at the booth and also tried out by the visitors. Walerij Gluchow from the IT department demonstrated how Microsoft’s HoloLens hardware can be used for the control of front-end carriers in conjunction with EuroQ’s self-developed software.

Quality starts with functioning communication, independent of the drive the technology of the vehicles.


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