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EuroQ supports premium manufacturer for recalls in the US

4000 vehicles in one week - EuroQ Inc. supports customers at a wide range of locations in the US for a comprehensive recall campaign.

Today, recalls are no longer a rare event. But when it comes to a matter of safety, there is one focus: the faulty part must be exchanged as soon as possible. In this case, the exchange was purely precautionary but at the same time was relevant enough for safety that the manufacturer no longer wanted the vehicles to be used. For this reason, OEM considered it best to undertake the retrofit immediately.

The problem:

The problem concerned a corporate rental car fleet with various models from a large premium German manufacturer that needed to be retrofitted as quickly as possible. Time is of the essence when it comes to rental cares, as the loss of rental revenues can lead to additional costs. The fleet consisted of approximately 4000 vehicles in four cities, one on both the east and west coasts and in Colorado and Texas in between. EuroQ represented the first time an external service provider was sought to carry out this type of action outside of the repair shops.  

Our execution:

In order to carry out this contract quickly and with the greatest customer satisfaction, we contracted more than twenty of our car mechanics who specialize in these brands. After a thorough briefing, they commenced with the retrofit at the same time in all locations so that the individual rental car centers could have access to completed vehicles again as quickly as possible. Reporting took place via our scanner tools, with which the chassis number of readied vehicles were documented in real time.

In addition to the retrofit itself, EuroQ Inc. oversaw and managed the entire logistics process, from the coordination of appointments and employees to ordering parts and tools.


The planning and realization of this contract took place within the shortest possible time and the customer was entirely satisfied. Thanks to our outstanding logistics and great personnel, we required just 1.5 weeks to complete the work following assignment of the contract and have therefore saved the client much time and expense.