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EuroQ opens new site in Wolfsburg

Since April 1st, 2018, EuroQ has been operating a new site in Wolfsburg. More than fivty suppliers are being managed there with Control & Rework services as well as Resident Engineering.

For the position of operations manager, EuroQ was able to win Michael Hentschel who is in charge of the development of the site. Mr Hentschel is very experienced in the Quality Assurance Business.  For the last few years he had managed a site in Wolfsburg from another company. 

The around 20 employees are currently carrying out different checks on cable harnesses, door handles, sheet metals and windshields. Some Resident Engineers are working additionally as contact between Volkswagen and the suppliers. 

Hentschel explained that Wolfsburg has great potential to take on an external Warenfilter for Volkswagen, a service that EuroQ is already providing successfully at other locations. Also, the complete range of EuroQ Services is going to be offered in the near future.