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EuroQ moves into a New Hall at its Hannover Location

The team from our EuroQ location in Hannover, Germany, recently moved into a brand new hall with offices and staff rooms. The hall features all-new equipment and also houses our product filter (Warenfilter) for the Volkswagen factory in Hannover.

One employee reports, “It’s fun working here. Everything is bright, new and perfectly constructed in an ergonomic way. We really like it here”. 

Along with the sense of well-being enjoyed by our employees, the location’s close proximity to VW is also a decisive factor for the management team. At just over three miles from the Hannover location to the VW factory, the convenient transport connection is ideal for the product filter EuroQ has operated there since 2013 and at our Emden location since 2010. This ensures that products are exchanged quickly and that EuroQ employees who perform other services at the factory can get there fast. 

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