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EuroQ Inc. expands its offices in the US

Recently, EuroQ Inc. has taken over the full property at 7800 Metro Parkway in Sterling Heights, Michigan, and thus expanded the offices of the US-headquarter.

The building contains several offices and a large meeting room for customer trainings and workshops. The office and business technology is fully connected with Europe. The customer information system VPS is used internationally and can be operated via online interface in all countries.

Meanwhile, EuroQ coordinates the entire US business from Michigan: more than 160 EuroQ employees are working in Tuscaloosa, Greenville, Indiana and South Carolina for the major European car manufacturers. In addition, EuroQ Inc. specializes with great success on retrofitting projects in the US ports: In New York, Baltimore, Jacksonville, Savannah and Los Angeles large retrofitting campaigns have already been performed for various customers. Read more about these retrofitting campaigns integrating the EuroQ Scanner tool here: