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EuroQ continuously growing also in the US

The members of our EuroQ Inc. team are chiefly operating for Mercedes Benz in Alabama, where they do mainly rework and repair of finished vehicles.

With the start of the production of the second generation of the Mercedes GL in July 2012 our permanent team was reinforced to some 40 members, among whom also some colleagues from Germany.

Brand-new on the team: our new operations manager Mister Gerd Freudental, a very experienced colleague who may already look back on 7 years of work with Mercedes Benz in Alabama. Before that he had already worked for 20 years for Mercedes Benz in Bremen, last in Quality Assurance.
Mister Christof Zuber, one of the two owners of the parent company and President of EuroQ Inc., is very satisfied with the positive development of EuroQ Inc. with Mercedes Benz in the US. “We are successfully continuing the existing good cooperation between the two companies in Europe over in the States. And more than that, we even see further growth potential. We are already executing orders for a big supplier in Alabama”, says Mister Zuber.