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Digital examination results in real-time now available for customers

At the Car Symposium 2017 in Bochum (Germany) we present our brand-new tool for quality assurance for the first time. Documenting in real-time, it is able to transfer detailed data directly to our customers.

Within IOT, or Industry 4.0, as Germans also name it, developments process rapidly. IOT is the crosslinking of man and machine, partly on a very high IT-level.

A promising basis for new business models within digitalization is the real-time-access to data bringing high benefits to customers – for example regarding the speeding up of adaption processes. It is getting very interesting if technical systems of different parties can be linked in real-time.

Specifically for this real-time data interchange we developed a new business model, based on our new interactive QA tool. Developed by our own IT-department, it is unique in the quality assurance sector.

With this new digital QA tool we currently collect detailed data regarding identified defects while checking e.g. body-in-white components. This data is forwarded automatically to our virtual administration and planning system (VPS) in real-time and – if required – directly to our customers. Quality managers in a press plant can use the data directly for further quality planning. Our QA tool can be customized individually to our partner’s requirements.

We already use this interactive tool with great success in some OEM projects in Germany and in the USA and receive very positive customer feedback. Due to the crosslinking, our customers get proper analysis data quickly and directly use the results to optimize their manufacturing processes. Completely in line with IOT.

The QA tool will be presented to the professional audience in the course of the Car Symposium on 1st of February 2017 in Bochum, located at the info shop Quality Management, Block II, 11:50 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in room “Berlin”.