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Cleanroom Testing in Aschaffenburg

EuroQ tests sensitive components from the electronics industry at the Aschaffenburg location. In our hall on site, we have been operating a cleanroom with cleanliness class ISO 7 / GMP C and additional ESD protective equipment for some time. This enables our team to test sensitive electronic components.

We are all too familiar with the electrostatic pull of displays, be it in the car or in the office. As soon as the display is cleaned, new dust adheres immediately. Microparticles of various sizes settle. This is why many electronic parts for the automotive sector, such as instrument panels or LCD displays are produced under cleanroom conditions as per DIN EN ISO 14644-1 and VDA 19. Once produced, the displays are immediately covered with foil to protect against dust and scratching.

Display Testing in Quality Assurance

If these displays are tested as part of the quality assurance process, this is again only possible in an appropriate cleanroom. There are many error patterns that can appear on a display: air bubbles, water stains, dust grains, glue residues, scratches or fractures, to name a few.

To perform testing, about 90% of the foil is carefully removed and the surface is checked for defects. NOK parts are marked right on the foil and sorted out. The foil is then clad back on with an appropriate tool, such as a rubber slider or roller, in order to protect the display during further transport and assembly in production. The cleanroom and its exhaust fan ensure that the particle concentration in the air is kept to a minimum and that no particles settle on the displays during testing.

Andreas Saczek is the operations manager at EuroQ in Aschaffenburg, and he is proud of the unique service: “Our cleanroom complies with ISO 7/ GMP C according to EN ISO 14644-ff and is equipped with top quality technology and ESD protection measures. This is the case for all technology involved as well as the workstations.”

Modern ventilation and air-conditioning technology as well as a state-of-the-art air lock system ensure that the air is kept clean and that the particle limits in the cleanroom are adhered to. 

Defects often the Result of Transport

Even though the individual displays are packed in vacuum blisters for the transport to Europe, there is still a chance that they get damaged due to high humidity, temperature fluctuations, or shock. A frequent issue is air bubbles on the edge of the displays. These draw humidity, which leads to water spots that must be removed before final assembly, or the display may need to be sorted out.

QA Testing saves High Costs

The costs of testing and replacing already installed parts are often 10-fold of what the individual part may actually cost. So replacing parts is not only extremely expensive, but these additional expenses also reduce any added value. Testing early on with an expert partner such as EuroQ allows you to avoid these additional expenses as only OK parts make it to the assembly line. 

If you are interested in our cleanroom tests, you may also call our hotline directly: +49 4921 916680