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25 years of “Matjeslauf” in Emden – more than 4000 participants with EuroQ once again being a sponsor of the “EuroQ Schülerlauf” (students run)

For the 25th year the “Matjeslauf” took place in Emden. The weather was a little rainy in the morning for the smaller children, but the afternoon cleared up nicely for the older kids and adults. The “Firmenlauf” which took place in the early evening had five EuroQ teams participating.

We are happy that our colleagues from all over Germany as well our international colleagues, could participate again in this year’s event which, as always, displayed a lot of humor and sportsmanship. Even our working student from the US, Max Delgado, was running in behalf of EuroQ.

This year’s fastest EuroQ runner on the 5000m track was once again, Daniel Weidner of the IT department. 

It was a pleasure to sponsor the “EuroQ Schülerlauf” which featured kids from grades 5th through 10th competing in a 2500m event.

The Next big sports event for children is the Supra-Regional EuroQ-Soccer-Cup, taking place July 17-19th in Emden. Good luck to our youth teams (Bambinos to D-Youth) from FC Frisia!