EuroQ News

  • 12.11.2020

    Is the software of my car up-to-date?

    When delivering their new car, customers expect faultless vehicles, including the latest software version of control units and infotainment systems. After all, infotainment systems and their connectivity with the Internet and a wide variety of cell phone systems and cell phone models are becoming increasingly important to customers.

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  • 24.04.2020

    Message of the EuroQ management to the customers

    Dear customers,We took Corona very seriously from the very beginning and prepared ourselves intensively for these difficult times even before the automotive industry closed down. This enabled us to continue to support ongoing projects of our customers.

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  • 28.02.2019

    Cleanroom Testing in Aschaffenburg

    EuroQ tests sensitive components from the electronics industry at the Aschaffenburg location. In our hall on site, we have been operating a cleanroom with cleanliness class ISO 7 / GMP C and additional ESD protective equipment for some time. This enables our team to test sensitive electronic components.

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  • 17.08.2018

    EuroQ takes over logistics service provider HL Logistics in Saarwellingen

    Effective from 1.8.2018, EuroQ took over the logistics service provider HL Logistics in Saarwellingen near Saarlouis. HL Logistics supplies individual lean supply chain solutions for the automotive industry. This perfectly complements the automotive-specific portfolio of EuroQ and establishes a new business segment.

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  • 18.07.2018

    EuroQ opens new site in Wolfsburg

    Since April 1st, 2018, EuroQ has been operating a new site in Wolfsburg. More than fivty suppliers are being managed there with Control & Rework services as well as Resident Engineering.

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  • 01.07.2018

    In 2018, EuroQ is 10 years old and takes positive stock

    For 10 years, EuroQ has been operating in the automotive market. Over the course of a decade, a small company with twelve employees in Emden and Bremen has become an innovative, modern quality service provider with more than over 1,000 employees worldwide.

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  • 19.03.2018

    EuroQ supports premium manufacturer for recalls in the US

    4000 vehicles in one week - EuroQ Inc. supports customers at a wide range of locations in the US for a comprehensive recall campaign.

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  • 29.01.2018

    The Internet of Things meets augmented reality: EuroQ demonstrates tailor-made digital Quality Assurance solutions

    There is currently a great deal of discussion surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT). At the Car Symposium 2018 in Bochum we demonstrated what tailor-made digital solutions for quality assurance already look like using fascinating practical examples.

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  • 23.08.2017

    EuroQ at BMW in the USA: we continue to grow!

    For the past five years, we have been supporting BMW in the USA at its world-wide largest plant in Greer, South Carolina, with various quality assurance services. We are now looking forward to a new 5-year contract for the Total Vehicle Rework (TVR), which we have won against the market leader. Thanks to this security, we are once again able to create numerous new jobs and strengthen EuroQ Inc. in the USA.

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  • 07.08.2017

    EuroQ donates thermal camera for the fire brigade

    With a thermal imaging camera, it is possible to see through smoke, because it indicates the heat radiation (infrared radiation) and can save lives in difficult situations. EuroQ donated a new camera and accessories to the volunteer fire brigade in Emden/Germany, where the EuroQ headquarters are located.

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