Team Spokesperson

Team Spokespersons with EuroQ are responsible for organizing a small working team on location. They have knowledge and a command of the professional and practical bases of our services. They safely pass on their knowledge to their colleagues.

As an interface between customer and staff Team Spokespersons act as first contact for all profession-related questions of their teams. They have the necessary experience, an independent and well structured work approach, and a professional demeanor.

Their responsibilities include passing on important information at the change of shifts. Moreover, Team Spokespersons will monitor compliance with safety regulations and control cleanliness at the work stations.

New colleagues will be integrated into the team and familiarized with the activities to be carried out by the Team Spokespersons.

For our customers and for ourselves they will prepare a real time documentation using our VPS management and planning system. They will answer for the complete and error-free processing of all customer-relevant data.

Job profile Team Spokesperson

  • Industrial / technical training in the field of automotive or industrial production
  • Basic knowledge of quality standards
  • First professional experience in the field of quality
  • Reliable English language skills
  • Assertive personality
  • Good people skills
  • Flexibility and mobility