Supplier Quality Assurance Engineer (SQA-Engineer)

A Supplier Quality Assurance Engineer with EuroQ will supervise projects with different customers. Basically, he or she will be responsible for monitoring and securing suppliers and supplier parts. His or her tasks are largely identical with those of the internal position of QA Supplier Manager and/or Developer.

For our customers, the pre-emptive assurance of supplier quality has become a crucial competitive factor. With this trend, the importance of selecting and auditing suppliers is on the rise. In former times, purchases were made only in Western Europe; meanwhile purchase has become strongly internationalized. There is a rising demand for SQA professionals.

Globalization requires an increased supplier quality assurance

In the global automotive industry suppliers from Asia and Eastern European countries have long since become a part of everyday business. This means a new challenge for the Quality Division, since work cycles and processes in Eastern Europe and Asia are not stable and sometimes significantly different from Western European standards. Suppliers are starting to outsource partial sections. Moreover, more and more suppliers are involved in the production process.

This increases the numbers of suppliers to be supervised by the SQA officers. Especially for production sites situated abroad, supplier quality assurance is a major problem. A basic prerequisite for maintaining Western European quality standards in the ongoing outsourcing process is early support and a targeted integration of suppliers into the product development process. These tasks are the challenge our external SQA Engineers will have to face.

Tasks of the SQA Engineer

Internally, an SQA Engineer will cooperate with the R&D divisions, externally, with the suppliers. His or her area of responsibility comprises the entire purchase organization and the Engineering. Supplier audits, the development and maintenance of suppliers’ quality management processes are demanding tasks. Different interests and points of view will need to be coordinated and bundled.

This makes some particular demands on the personality of an SQA Engineer: diplomatic ability, strong communication skills, assertiveness, negotiation skills, a clear view of any weak spots and the ability to remedy them. SQA Engineers will need a very high degree of flexibility, cosmopolitanism and sufficient cultural empathy to understand international negotiation partners and at the same time be able to use them in order to achieve their own business targets. Business fluent English is a standard, Asian or Eastern European language skills are an asset. The position requires moreover an increased willingness to travel: up to 80% of the year should be allowed for by SQA professionals.

General job profile SQA Engineer

  • Degree in engineering studies or similar training
  • Perfect command of quality standards
  • Several years of professional experience in the field of OEM or Tier-1
  • Very good English language skills
  • Cosmopolitan mind
  • Assertive personality
  • Strong character and authority
  • Flexibility and mobility (up to 80% of the year)