Quality Inspector

Quality Inspectors are (as goes the saying) our man/woman at the “toolbox’s side”. In case of a quality problem of whatever type and on next to all conceivable parts, they will secure our customers’ production processes in a fast, professional and absolutely flexible way.

The beginning of each project is the consultation with our customer: the definition of the precise error criteria and the related description of testing and rework. The Inspectors will then prepare an overview of the affected parts, localize these in the process and check them “from the belt to the stock”. This also includes preparing a clearly structured documentation via our VPS management and planning system.

Conscientious testing and documenting

In order to do so in practice, they will set up a test station on location and procure the necessary testing devices (measuring devices such as, clearance gauge, caliper rule or microscope, lighting systems or test benches). It is important for the Quality Inspectors to correctly label parts to be tested and parts already tested at any time. They will have to block any parts which must no be used for the production process. All of this presupposes a conscientious, orderly and tidy work approach.

Their tasks also include reporting the test results to their supervisors.

Job profile for Quality Inspector

  • Industrial / technical training in the field of automotive or industrial production
  • Conscientious work approach
  • Good eyesight and excellent hearing
  • Flexibility and mobility