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Since its foundation in 2008, EuroQ has developed into a modern, international quality service provider with a focus on the automotive industry. More than 1,000 employees with a wide range of qualifications work for us worldwide, with a focus on Germany and the USA. Our team is growing constantly.

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Our work environment: Quality counts more than ever

Our home is the automotive industry. More than 4,000 customers such as automotive manufacturers and suppliers rely on our expertise in the advancing digitalization of vehicles and the introduction of new drive systems as well as in the perfection of conventional combustion technology.

More and more tasks in motor vehicles are being taken over by assistance systems, including semi-autonomous driving. This also increases the demands on the reliability of the technology used and thus the quality standards.

For our clients, we are partners, crisis responders and consultants on all quality issues in vehicle production.

  • We stand by the side of our customers. In permanent production support as well as in short-term crisis operations.
  • We work on new vehicles in prototype and series production as well as on vehicle components of all kinds.
  • We make the impossible possible. Creative, qualified and flexible.

In addition, we also support companies in other sectors of the economy by the introduction of quality management methods from the automotive industry. In doing so, we develop industry-specific solutions. Pragmatically and with a sense of proportion.

We are looking for a variety of talents

We keep moving "forward" and are constantly looking for new colleagues for our various locations. Our tasks are manyfold and flexible, but what they all have in common is an eye for detail.

Depending on the area of work, we are looking for colleagues with a wide range of qualifications. Talented and motivated specialists from many professions as well as assistants and drivers. Motivated career changers also have prospects with us: We are less interested in where you come from and much more interested in where you want to go. And despite your personal commitment, there is one thing you shouldn't forget: having fun at work!

Current vacancies at EuroQ

EuroQ work areas

To give you a better overview, we have presented the different areas of work here. Current vacancies and their job descriptions can be found on our job portal.



Available positions:

    • Driver
    • Mechanic
    • Foreman
    • Project Coordinator


    Required qualifications:

    • Auxiliary (Driver only)
    • Automotive technical training (up to Master Craftsman/Technician)

    Find out more about our Retrofit Team

    Control and Rework


    Available positions:

    • Quality Inspector (Tester)
    • Logistician/Forklift Driver
    • Supervisor
    • Project Coordinator
    • Operations Manager
    • Team Speaker

    Required qualifications:

    • Auxiliary Staff
    • Technical Assistant (non-specialist/no training but with additional qualification or practice)
    • Industrial-technical training (up to master craftsman/technician)
    • Logistical training (up to master craftsman/technician)

    Quality Engineering


    Available positions:

    • Supplier Supervisor
    • Resident
    • Resident Engineer
    • Technical Expert
    • Interim Manager

    Required qualifications:

    • Industrial-technical training (with additional qualification/long-term experience)
    • Master Craftsman/Technician
    • (Specialist) Engineer

      Head Office


      Available positions:

      • Bookkeeper
      • Sales Administrator
      • Account Manager
      • Customer Service Representative
      • HR Administrator

      Required qualifications:

        • Administrative Office Assistants
        • Economists / Business Administrators
        • Technicians / Engineers

        Work for EuroQ throughout Germany and the US

        Our company is headquartered in Emden in beautiful East Frisia (Germany), where others go on vacation. To keep travel times for EuroQ employees to our customers as quick as possible, we operate numerous locations and branch offices throughout Germany and the US in the vicinity of the automotive plants or the suppliers' plants.

        EuroQ, Inc. is headquartered in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

        EuroQ Headquarters in Germany
        EuroQ, Inc. Headquarters in Michigan

        What you can expect from us

        • Owner-managed, independent: Our focus is on satisfied customers and employees.
        • Flat hierarchies make us flexible and quickly ready for action.
        • Individual training: We never stop learning! With us, you learn directly in the project, in the team and through further training measures.
        • Advancement opportunities: Those who prove themselves get a chance. We like to recruit our managers from our own ranks.
        • Flexible deployment opportunities: If you want, you can get to know new locations on many interesting projects (also in the USA)
        • Company events: Legendary company parties and sporting events such as the Matjeslauf (Emden)

        Apply for a job at EuroQ? It's easy.

        You can find details on individual positions in our job portal, from which you can access our online application tool. Please upload your documents in pdf format and correctly named with the reference number of the corresponding position. We also welcome your unsolicited application, even if no suitable position is currently advertised.

        Immediately afterwards you will see a confirmation of receipt on your screen. In the days that follow, we will review your application and then contact you by phone to clarify any questions you may have. If everything fits, we will invite you to a personal interview, usually on site at our branch.

        If you have any further questions, please contact us directly.

        Your EuroQ contacts for applications:

        For Germany/Europe:
        Sandra Rath
        +49 4921 91668 115

        For the U.S:
        +1 586 382 6996