EuroQ Site Hannover/GermanyHall for our product filter (Warenfilter)

At our EuroQ location in Hannover we operate a highly effective product filter. The 1,000 m² of available space comply with Automotive Industry Standards. In this hall, various parts of different suppliers undergo measurements, testing, sorting and refinishing.  

In addition to our product filter, you can of course also take advantage of the entire spectrum of services ranging from control and rework to quality engineering available at our Hannover location. Our experienced, reliable Hannover team is made up of top specialists for the widest variety of services. 

Our EuroQ business location and hall in Hannover are located in the immediate vicinity of Volkswagen’s Hannover factory

1,000 m² hall featuring the latest in logistical standards

  • 1,000 m² new hall with offices and staff rooms, just over 3 miles from the VW factory
  • State-of-the-art equipment and plenty of daylight
  • A variety of logistics vehicles of different sizes
  • Roofed loading and unloading zones
  • Perfectly designed and structured areas for inspection and refinishing work
  • Qualified contact persons on hand at our location at all times
  • Seasoned EuroQ team on-site


EuroQ is implementing the very latest software and hardware at our Hannover/Germany location. Scanners already register the barcodes on the containers’ VDA labels when goods arrive. This automatically enters all the data into the EuroQ ERP system quickly and correctly.

Visit our product filter (Warenfilter)

If you would like to view our product filter in Hannover or find out more about it, please contact us or speak directly with our contact persons at the site.


Site Hannover

Mr. Thomas Marinitsch
Telephone: +49 511 98421-4312 
Mobile: +49 151 195 14209


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