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Marcus Scholz

Marcus Scholz

Director EuroQ

Gründer und GF der EuroQ, Christof Zuber

Christof Zuber 

Managing Director EuroQ


We love technology and cars and have both worked for many years in the automotive industry and in Quality Assurance. We used to be confronted with the complexity and the high quality standards of the industry on a daily basis. This sparked a number of new ideas. So, what could be more obvious than to implement these ideas with a company of our own jointly with the customers?

In 2008, we incorporated EuroQ GmbH with its headquarters in Emden. Ever since that time EuroQ GmbH has been growing rapidly and already has a number of sites in Europe, the US and in Hungary.

This is a good sign for us, and above all confirmation of how well our Quality Center of Excellence works in practice.

To make sure our customers are satisfied – this is our highest priority, since this is the only way a company may grow and stay in business. In doing so we are assisted by a streamlined company structure, many years of experience in the automotive industry and our highly motivated and excellently trained staff.


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