EuroQ VPSVirtual administration and planning system for complete over-all documentation

Good cooperation is based on transparency. This is why we have worked with our in-house VPS (virtual administration and planning system) since the company was founded. VPS is not just software; it optimizes our internal flow of information, and also communication with our customers. Fast and transparent.

The VPS provides the perfect EuroQ customers reporting on all services performed.

This is how VPS works

Our back office staff and our field staff on the project locations are continuously “feeding” data to VPS, partly also using online tools such as our online scanners. As a customer you can then get any information you may need in a timely and error-free manner. In order to do so, just log on to VPS through our website VPS will document all orders and all activities within these orders: from the simplest of screws to the most complex analysis.

What is your benefit as a customer?

Very simple: You will have comprehensive and updated information at any time! You may monitor all of our staff members`s activities. Get the order status or graphic analyses and evaluations in real time, of course with the related OK, NOK assessments or ppm rates.

With just a few clicks you can also save these on your PC in either PDF or Excel format. 

Upon your request we will also provide you with additional daily or weekly reports. 

Click and enjoy VPS live! 


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