Retrofit actionMake retrofit actions a success with the EuroQ scanner tool

Quality services in practice

As quality service provider we will carry out sweeping retrofit actions for our customers time and again. In doing so we are the only service provider to use an online scanner tool which works in direct data exchange with the EuroQ retrofit server.

How exactly this looks like in practice and what exactly are the advantages for customers may be shown by a real project carried out a short while ago:

The commission

On the occasion of one retrofit action some 4,500 vehicles already waiting for shipment in stocks/ports of four different countries had to undergo a replacement of parts at the same time. All vehicles were scattered over large parking-lots holding up to 5,000 cars each.

A big challenge and an ideal case for our scanner tool, which exactly in this kind of actions shows its strength.

Positive/Negative lists

Using the scanner tool our staff checked the vehicle identification numbers thus managing to identify and label for retrofit all vehicles affected within the shortest possible time.

Simultaneously this data was automatically transmitted to our server, verified in real time and saved.

A standardized and easy to handle data base layout will assist our customers in accessing their data with their current status and filtering them in positive/negative lists at any time. Even actions taking place in different countries may easily be represented in one report. Positive: our customer was at any time able to respond to the manufacturer!

For comparison: Normally the vehicles are ticked off using printed out lists. This data is then again manually entered in Excel and verified against the data of several other lists. In this process, some important information might be easily lost. Moreover, data filtering is possible only manually in a time-consuming sorting process.

Processing by delivery dates

The vehicles to be processed in this commission had already been promised for fixed delivery dates by the manufacturer to the respective national companies. A crucial demand was therefore to avoid any delivery delays.

The priority list drawn up by our customer was copied into our system first thing and considered in the automatic process of verifying the vehicle identification numbers. Then those vehicles to be delivered urgently were first processed.

Positive: with our help all delivery dates could be respected!

Control mechanism included

With the most recent generation of our scanner we are even able to track the GPS data of already checked vehicles and document services by parking positions.

Conclusion: a super service!

The service by far exceeded all our customer’s expectations! We were assured by all parties concerned (customer, manufacturer and stock management in the stocks/seaports) that there had never been such a smooth action. Our staffers had already travelled there on the Sunday night and started operations directly on Monday morning. All in all, parts were replaced in some 1,200 vehicles. In the space of 3 days the entire action was accomplished.

For our customers this means

  • Automated data recording => saving of costs, estimated factor 4
  • Real time data availability
  • Comfortable and comprehensive data consolidation on the server; and
  • 100% transparency