EuroQ Scanner ToolAutomated and professional data recording

Picture of the unique EuroQ Scannertool
The EuroQ scanner tool

We are the only service provider to use online scanner tools, which work in direct interfacing with the EuroQ servers. All scanned data (vehicle identification numbers or part codes) are simultaneously transmitted to our server where they are checked in real time against any existing priority lists and stored.

Using GPS data those vehicles already checked will be tracked and services documented on the basis of parking positions.

A standardized and easy to handle data base layout will assist our customers in accessing their data with their current status and filtering them in positive/negative lists at any time – even across country boundaries.

While others still tick off and manually check lists, we scan, thus avoiding unnecessary errors.

Your advantages

  • Automated data recording => cost savings
  • Data availability on a timely basis
  • Comfortable and comprehensive data consolidation on the server
  • 100% transparency

For which services are scanner tools used by EuroQ?

A scanner tool is a suitable aid that may be used for nearly all services. Whenever parts or chassis are identified by numbers, EAN codes or other codes, we can use our scanner tools.

Retrofit / Action Management
Control and Rework
Incoming / Outgoing Goods Control