Augmented Reality meets Quality Assurance

For the quality assurance in the Internet of Things (IoT) we offer tailor-made digital solutions to our customers. We are increasingly using smart technologies to support our staff and reduce the human activity error quota.

EuroQ uses different IoT devices, including the Microsoft HoloLens

With our solutions, the Internet of Things (IoT) is available to you at the touch of a button, linking clearly identifiable physical objects – known as “actors” – such as vehicle parts, load carriers or entire vehicle fleets with a virtual representation. 

Our interfaces are IoT devices ranging from USB barcode scanners, handhelds, tablets, mobile computers and infrared depth cameras up to mixed reality data glasses such as the Microsoft HoloLens. 

All these actors communicate via the multiple redundant, highly available and specially secured EuroQ IoT platform. Beyond corporate boundaries, we are also able to link different technologies and organizational fields with each other and synchronize them. Thanks to this exchange and the evaluation of IoT data our customers can respond faster and more efficiently, intensify cooperation and develop new business models.

Supporting interactive information for the next process step

Augmented Reality (AR) enriches the real world through the addition of virtual things and information, e.g. from the IoT, the Internet of Things. In this way, we are able to combine the advantages of complex manual activities with the quality of automated processes.

Here, our staff constantly have interactive information for the next process step in their field of view, thanks to data glasses. Through the use of these technologies, decision-makers and international experts are also on hand at the touch of a button if necessary. They can see in detail which errors are made, and where, and can immediately take corrective measures.

The EuroQ digital 4-eyes principle detects process and serial errors

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also increasingly being used in quality assurance in the form of Big Data and Big Data-Analytics. The real-time data already known from production and industry 4.0 processes are the prerequisite for digitally controlled optimization procedures.

The use of AI technologies supports humans in working more efficiently and recognizing events which would otherwise only be visible at the second and third glance. This digital 4-eyes principle makes it possible to detect and resolve process and series errors even better.

For the digital 4-eyes principle, EuroQ uses an algorithm which is being constantly improved. Data records from around one billion test protocols from EuroQ staff from all over the world are used as a comparison pool.

At the Car Symposium 2018 in Dortmund we already presented our tailor-made digital quality assurance solutions to many interested parties:

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