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It was in the seaport city of Emden that our two Managing Directors Christof Zuber and Marcus Scholz founded EuroQ GmbH in 2008. Since that time EuroQ has become a well-established medium-sized company with more than 800 staff members. We focus on our portfolio of quality services for the automotive industry. Our seventeen facilities in Germany as well as affiliates in the USA enable us to ensure a comprehensive customer care throughout Europe and the US.

Picture of the extended headquarter of EuroQ
The headquarters of EuroQ in Emden, Germany

Global Challenges on the Rise

The globalization of the automotive industry creates new challenges for manufacturers and suppliers alike. In 2014, the most prominent example was the production start of the new C-class, which occurred on four continents simultaneously. 

Not an easy task for suppliers: parts must be supplied to all factories, while maintaining a high level of quality, irrespective of the country in question. If a problem occurs, it needs to be analyzed as soon as possible in all countries and a solution implemented globally. 

This has strategic implications for our quality assurance staff. International on-site presence is becoming ever more vital. This is the only way for us to quickly ascertain whether an “irregularity” is a quality problem affecting all factories. Direct communication is just as indispensable as our multilingual employees and the transcontinental data system we use on site to provide you with fast analysis. 

No matter where in the world, as a EuroQ client you can rely on our international quality standards.

Our data transparency will invariably keep you perfectly informed

Shows picture of the scanner tool
The EuroQ scanner tool

We are not afraid of transparency, but rather use it in order to keep the flow of information fast and results error-free. Our proprietary administration and planning system is used on all continents.

The staff at our headquarters and on location at international projects continuously feed the system with data, directly through the scanner tools. 

As a customer you may easily log in to this system via our website. You are able to get any information you need on your orders in a timely and error-free manner. Just have the VPS displayed live on your screen!

Doing our best every day

We are often asked about the add-on to our company name “Quality Center of Excellence”: Our customers produce the world’s best cars and car parts, this is our standard.

This means for our staff members to live the business excellence model each and every day. Doing their best while finding fast and efficient solutions for any problem that may arise and approaching innovations jointly with you in order to develop new ideas. For customers who are satisfied, and well looked after are the main reason for our success.


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